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hospice and intensive long-term care

in 1986 the first inpatient hospice in germany was founded in the city of aachen. in the meantime, “long-term intensive care” has successfully been established.


in 2010, the redevelopment and modernization of the hospice and the “ltc” were started.
the goal of the planning was to level out the weak points of the existing interior, especially the poorly illuminated and uninspiring rooms, as well as the lack of “landmarks” in the hallways and foyers. a “homey” atmosphere should be achieved, without taking second place to the required standards and regulations.


we were entrusted with the planning of the interior design, the illumination of the resident’s and recreation rooms, the hallways and foyers, as well as the cafeteria and chapel of the house.

anja thede
architektur und kommunikation im raum
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